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/ / Vibrancy of Silence: A Discussion with My Sisters 

Vibrancy of Silence: A Discussion with My Sisters

Documentary, 90 minutes

Directed by Marthe Djilo Kamga

Belgium 2018

Language: French

Subtitles: English



In this documentary, Marthe Djilo Kamga takes us along as she engages in fruitful conversations with four other African female artists who, like her, not only have experienced exile but also know how necessary it is to transmit to younger generations what they have learned as their multiple identities have evolved and fused. The original score that accompanies the voices of these three generations of women is an active part of the adventure, a witness for the future.


A Discussion with My Sisters is the first installment of Frieda Ekotto’s visual research project Vibrancy of Silence: Archiving the Images and Cultural Production of Sub-Saharan African Women on African women as the unsung heroines of artistic and cultural production.