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IQMF Amsterdam looks at sexual diversity in queer and migrant communities, expressing it through film, debates, art exhibitions. Join us on the 5th edition 4 – 8 December 2019!


/ / The Last Paradise

The Last Paradise

Experimental Art, 16 minutes 

Directed by Sido Lansari

Morocco, 2019

Language: French

Subtitles: English 


This is the almost-true story of Sami. In Casablanca, he only dreams about dancing and Egyptian divas in the hairdressing salon where he works. Until the day he meets Daniel, a lover who helps him discover Paris in the midst of a gay revolution.


By mixing archive images and analogue photographs, Sido Lansari draws an intimate portrait of a young man from childhood to exile, where he discovers himself coming from the “last homosexual paradises”.


The Last Paradise is screened together with Salvation Army by Abdellah Taia. After the screening, Abdellah Taia and Sido Lanzari will join the talk Queer Artivism: The Moroccan Perspective.