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/ / The Devil’s Magnificent

The Devil’s Magnificent

Romantic drama, 68 minutes

Directed by Nicolás Videla

Chile, 2019  

Language: French

Subtitles: English 


Tired of the Parisian hostility and instability, trans immigrant Manu decides to return to Chile. Wandering the streets of Paris, she retraces her memories of love and sex, until a traveller brings romance back into her life. 


“The Devil’s Magnificent” tells the story of Manu (33), Chilean trans immigrant who tired of the hostility and instability in Paris, decides to return to Chile after 10 years in France. In these last days she will go over different paths of love and sex, conveyed by her memories. Daniel (57), a French friend and academic, offers her a new life with him in Marseille, marriage, a solution to her immigration issues. But just when Manu realizes her future may not be romantic, but subsidiary, a traveller will bring romance back into her life.