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IQMF Amsterdam looks at sexual diversity in queer and migrant communities, expressing it through film, debates, art exhibitions. Join us on the 5th edition 4 – 8 December 2019!


/ / Sex Sirens

Sex Sirens

Documentary, 25 minutes

Directed by Max Kutschenreuter & Poppy Sanchez

Netherlands 2019 

Language: Dutch 

Subtitles: English


Sex Sirens explores one of the hottest categories of the Dutch ballroom scene. While preparing to walk at the Circus ball in Amsterdam, four Sex Sirens reflect on their journey within ballroom culture, and their relation to a category that is all about seduction, sensuality, and sexual empowerment. As we follow them on this journey of self exploration we get a better understanding for what it means to be a Sex Siren and why these safe spaces are absolutely necessary in the world we live in today.


This film will be screened alongside Father Figure and Fabulous.