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/ / Queer Coolie-tudes

Queer Coolietudes

Documentary, 86 minutes

Directed by Michelle Mohabeer

Canada 2019

Language: English

Subtitles: None


Queer Coolie-tudes is a ground-breaking creative documentary which reclaims the slur of Coolie and visualizes the intergenerational lives, histories, identities, familial relations and sexualities of a diverse range of subjects (artists, academics, and activists), from the Queer Indo-Caribbean diaspora in Canada. 


The film is creative and inventive in its approach and delivery of the subjects ( the personal stories, lives and the colonial history of indentureship and the post /anti-colonial responses of 8 queer subjects (including the filmmaker at the start of the film) .


Instead of succumbing to pressures to find a shared narrative or common ground, the documentary is a powerful collection of testimonies which embraces the complexities of identities; mixed-race, genderqueer, gendered, age and mobility are embraced in nuanced ways.