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IQMF Amsterdam looks at sexual diversity in queer and migrant communities, expressing it through film, debates, art exhibitions. Join us on the 5th edition 4 – 8 December 2019!


/ / Queer Artivism, the Moroccan Perspective

Queer Artivism, the Moroccan Perspective

After the screening of their films, filmmakers Abdellah Taïa and Sido Lansari will join a panel talk on the role of art in relation to activism. The panel will furthermore consist of queer activitsts  of Moroccan descent living in the Netherlands. They will reflect on topics related to discrimination and marginalisation as minority in Dutch society.

This programme is a collaboration with DutchCulture and will be moderated by Myriam Sahraoui.

All talks are €5 and free for people that already have a ticket to any screening of IQMF. Collect your free ticket at the box office in LAB 111 by presenting your film ticket.