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IQMF Amsterdam looks at sexual diversity in queer and migrant communities, expressing it through film, debates, art exhibitions. Join us on the 5th edition 4 – 8 December 2019!


/ / Naked Berlin – City Interventions by Mischa Badasyan & Abdulsalam Ajaj

Naked Berlin - City Interventions by Mischa Badashian & Abdulsalam Ajaj

Naked Berlin is a project by conceptual artist Mischa Badashyan and photographer Abdulsalam Ajaj. This project raises the questions of the freedom of expression of naked bodies in our society. Berlin is said to be a city of freedom. While people can often enjoy freedom of expression in clubs and safe spaces this is not really the case in public. As soon as one becomes visible, there is a struggle. People don’t know how to react and behave in the situation and will call names instead of trying to feel and understand what exactly is going on there. Naked Berlin is an attempt to reclaim public spaces for people. This exhibition is a collection of photographs of the installation.

4Bid Gallery (OT301)
Opening 3 December at 21:30 – afterwards open daily from 4 – 8 December between 19:00 and 21:30