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IQMF Shorts: Feminists And Family

Duration: 1 hour, 29 minutes


Curated for anyone living by their own rules.


Scenes I imagine, Metin Akdemir, 43 min, Turkey 2020, , Turkish with English subtitles 
A documentary on Turkish censorship of queer desire in cinema.
Heterosexual love is visible shown in Turkish cinema but queer love is only implied. With this fact in mind, this documentary reexamens female ‘friendships’ in three influential feminist productions from the late eighties and early nineties.


Three Centimetres, Lara Zeidan, 9 min, UK/Lebanon 2018,  Arabic with English subtitles
Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to make their friend feel better about her breakup. Their conversation drifts to a less fun place.


Madonna F64.0, Stavros Markoulakis, 16 min, Greece 2020, Greek with English subtitles

After an important surgery, Maria returns to her family home, in order to recover. Living with her mother, her sister and a newborn baby. While Maria’s body starts healing, a deeply hidden desire of hers surfaces. Maria wants to come close to the baby, and this creates a serious threat to the “safety” of the family home.