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/ / IQMF Double Bill: LIMBOS PARALEGALES + Countryless & Queer

IQMF Double Bill: LIMBOS PARALEGALES + Countryless & Queer

Duration: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Countryless & Queer
Masha Godovannaya, 67 min, Austria 2020, English, German, Russian, Turkish with English subtitles

This feature-length art documentary follows five non-privileged queer migrants who have settled in Vienna, Austria. Even though they are marginalized, they also create their own space for emancipation and resistance – an e space filled with joy, erotic, emancipation and struggle.


Papaya Kuir, 16 min, Turkey 2020

Several trans and queer LatinX asylum seekers are refused refugee status in The Netherlands because it is not acknowlegded that their lives are endangered in their countries of origin. The aim of Papaya Kuir Collective is to highlight the reality of these people and inform society of the dangerous realities they are confronted with back in their countries.