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IQMF Double Bill: Letter To My Mother + Scenes I Imagine

Letter to My Mother
Amina Maher, 19 min, Iran 2019, Persian with English subtitles

A son pushes at the bounds of his relationship with his mother as he unpicks the psychological consequences of the childhood sexual abuse he suffered.
In a bold and heartfelt cinematic letter to her mother, the filmmaker Amina Maher, reveals the most painful of childhood secrets. The film explores gender confusion, sexuality, guilt, fantasy and repression in relation with violence and identity. “Letter to my Mother” is a means for survival, a way to stand and speak up and to understand. It is an attempt to break taboos and push boundaries – both social and personal, and to create life and art out of the darkest experiences. There are times when cinema itself seems implicated in this difficult story, charting abuse that began at the exact time he was appearing in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten (2002) which featured the real-life relationship between her mother and Amina.


Scenes I imagine 
Metin Akdemir, 43 min, Turkey 2020, , Turkish with English subtitles
A documentary on Turkish censorship of queer desire in cinema.
Heterosexual love is visible shown in Turkish cinema but queer love is only implied. With this fact in mind, this documentary reexamens female ‘friendships’ in three influential feminist productions from the late eighties and early nineties.