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/ / Faggots


Documentary, 68 minutes 

Directed by Ricardo González

Colombia, 2019

Language: Catalan/Spanish

Subtitles: English 

Lluís Escribano, Ramón Massa, Enric Benz, Cesc Pérez and Alfons de Sierra were Els 5 QK’s (The Five Penises), catalan queer filmmakers or “faggots”, as they preferred to be called. They made almost twenty films during “La Transición”. Apparently “just for fun” stories, but with a deep ideological level as leitmotiv of their films: very camp men, bourgeois who boasted of their heterosexuality to end up being sodomized in any public bathroom, priests who stole the money of the churchgoers in order to hire escorts… they were just some of the anti-heroes who starred in their films.