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The International Queer & Migrant Film Festival aims to open up discussions on topics that may otherwise remain largely ignored by screening films that bring out non-mainstream narratives. We wish to extend that discussion beyond film and toward a more interactive approach. This means that the audiences of IQMF have the chance to participate free-of-charge in various discussion events during the festival week at De Balie. Panellists include individuals with expertise on the matters involved - not only academic, but at times also originating from personal experience. Have a look at what we're offering this year and help us keep the discussion alive!

Please note that the Homeless LGBTIQ Youth discussion has been replaced by the Queer Festivals under attack discussion.

Discussion events

Queer activism, Fri 8 Dec, 21:00

In what way can activism change your life? Prior to the films Grey Violet – Odd One Out & HALF A LIFE, we interview four queer activists on their work and the influence it has had on their life. Some of them have to flee their own country and have rebuilt their life in the Netherlands. Do they still have hope for the LGBT community in their own country? And what advice do they have for the Netherlands?

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Queer Festivals under attack, Sat 9 Dec, 15:00

Queer Festivals face problems and are under constant attack in many countries. Recently, a two day LGBT film festival got banned in Ankara because the festival "could incite grudges and enmity toward a part of society”. In Tunis, the brand new Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival will be launched in January 2018 and it might face challenges too. Gizem Bayiksel and Karam Aouini will talk about their drives and motives, their passion and activism in the debate Queer Festivals under attack.

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Representing the queer/migrant community, Sat 9 Dec, 16:15

Who is the best representative of the queer & migrant community? As a festival we want to keep a critical gaze inwards as well and we also wonder who has a right to speak at any given time. We will explore this based on the following 2 statements: White LGBTIQ individuals are not equipped to represent queer people of color; Heteros should do more to support the emancipation of the LGBTIQ community.

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Queering the Stage, Sun 10 Dec, 13:00

The festival’s Queering the Stage program introduces ways of queering the performing arts. How can performing arts crush patriarchy, abolish gender roles, and move beyond the heteronormative axis on an trans-regional level? You are invited to discuss the topics with professionals from diverse cultural fields. Following the debate, three films – ANYA KNEEZ: A Queen In BeirutDecoding DarkMatter, and Tango Queerido – supply the audience with possible approaches to the topic, focusing on the fields of drag, poetry, theatre and dance. The discussion is moderated by Marcel Heyman.

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LGBTIQ refugees: different realities, Sun 10 Dec, 14:45

IQMF has invited Secret Garden to join the panel LGBTIQ refugees: different realities, to address the issues LGBTIQ refugees face after fleeing to the Netherlands. The panellists will discuss exclusion, intimidation and abuse, a lot of which is experienced during the asylum seeking processes in Dutch refugee camps, where LGBTIQ refugees are humiliated and bullied by other refugees and often fail to obtain the protection they seek from Dutch authorities. In addition the panel will discuss how they are perceived by Dutch society in general and the LGBTIQ community in specific. With screenings of films The Crossing and House, Tree, Animal.

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